Hire Lisa to Speak 

Lisa Venable captivates audiences with her own healing story while giving people powerful tools in

using their mind in dealing with stressful or challenging circumstances. Lisa provides stress management training for nurses, social workers and adults with aging parents. Her personal health story of “healing with grace” has inspired audiences everywhere. Lisa facilitates a volunteer program, “Love Angels” that provides comfort care to nursing home residents in Bloomington, MN.

​Workshop/Keynote Topics:

Mindful Self Care for Professionals:   Develop effective tools for preventing stress and carrying the burdens of others.  Stress is not so much about the situation, but how you choose to respond to it.  Caring for others with compassion that does not burn you out can be learned.  Explore how thoughts create your experience and how to be aware enough to choose different ones. You will learn how to move beyond negative self-talk, create a balance of giving and receiving and take better care of your emotions.

​Thriving in the Midst of Change:

The mind is a powerful tool many of us ignore, allowing ourselves to be ruled by outside circumstances such as job change, family stressors or illness.  Situations don’t cause us to suffer or be stressed, our PERSPECTIVE does!  Once we become aware of the perspectives we use to relate to things, everything will change! Participants will learn to shift to perspectives that empower them, to take responsibility for their attitudes, realize their choices for thinking, feeling and acting, reduce their stress & create serenity, cope with change in a meaningful way take part in self wellness.

Conversations from the Heart:  Creating Connection vs. Conflict
Need help dealing others who have a different world or political view? True democracy creates thoughtful dialogue and effective problem solving. If we want to move towards such a reality, we need to teach ourselves, and our politicians a new way to communicate. If we listen with our hearts instead of our heads, strive to understand rather than compete, we can find common ground with almost anyone on personal or political issues, creating solutions that work! Might a 3rd possibility emerge if we got out of the way and really listened to each other?

Grief, Guilt or Grace? How to show up when your loved one needs you
​When a parent or loved one ages and changes, we often feel uncomfortable. They are not the same person and we feel a great loss. We might feel guilty if we place them in nursing care or don't visit much. Often we don't know what to do with their pain, struggle or memory loss.

When we carry the weight of grief or guilt for too long, we are unable to be present and provide the comfort our loved one needs. In this workshop, you will learn how to manage grief and guilt and move to grace. How you show up will make all the difference to you both!

Love Medicine:  Heart Healing
Ever feel like you don’t know what to do with challenging emotions you experience? What do you do with the pain and struggle that your loved ones endure?  How do you hold the suffering in the world in a way that offers healing but doesn’t overwhelm you? By tuning into your heart, you are nourished by the most potent healing available…Love.  Love is the unique medicine that resolves unsettled pain, anger and suffering.   Love is an inner experience of the heart where the Divine comes near and soothes all pain, worry and fear.  

​Spiritual Self-Talk:  Learning to Listen to your Heart
You have 2 selves:  an ego and a spirit.  One is guided by Fear, the other by Love.  Which one you listen to creates your experience of life.  The "self talk" you entertain is very powerful and healing.  Love is always talking to you. But are you listening?   If you listen to the messages that Love whispers in your heart, you can be free of fear and negativity and able to handle any challenge that life throws your way.  You can stop the ego mind and feel unconditionally loved and embraced for who you are and want to be.   Live from your spirit and be a deeply happy and relaxed person. *This course is approved for 6 CEU credits by several mental health boards in MN

​Healing with Grace:  Accepting the Unacceptable
You can make peace with pain, challenges and change when you learn to find grace with reality.  Learning to see a larger, spiritual view of life that requires growth can assist you in allowing, and possibly even thriving with challenges. Pleasant experiences make life agreeable.  Painful experiences lead to growth. Using her personal story of transforming illness, along with practices of Mindfulness Meditation, Venable gives powerful, experiential tools for anyone experiencing health crisis, addictions, depression, anxiety or change of any kind.  Shift the question from, "Why did this happen to me?” to "What’s my opportunity here?" and, identify self talk that creates pain and redirect towards healing thoughts.

Client List Includes:
Wayside House
Melrose Institute
MN Brain Injury Alliance
MN Community & Technical Colleges
Adler Graduate School & National Conference of Therapists

Covenant Village Retirement Community

​Epoch Senior Living
The Rivers Senior Living

Ebenezer/Fairview Health Systems

Allina Health Care

Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
​Lupus Foundation
Hazelden Renewal Center
The Grief Project
Arthritis Foundation Annual Conference
MN Health and Wellness Expo
Pathways Health Crisis Center
St.. Joan of Arc Church
Hennepin Avenue Methodist Church
Unity Churches
U.S. Government – Dept. of the Army
ConAgra Foods Corporation
3M Corporation
Dain Rauscher
Phillips TLC/Way to Grow
March of Dimes
UnitedWay of America
​National Association for the Education of Young Children

​What participants say about Lisa’s workshops:
​When you hear Lisa speak, it’s like you’re the only one in the room…she talks right to you!    Diane Simonet-Kenney, ConAgra Corporation

Her message will lift your spirit and motivate you to change self-defeating attitudes towards stress, health challenges and change.      Nan Gustafson, Lupus Foundation

​​Anonymous Comments:
v I learned life is not so much what you are dealt but how you handle it! v  Excellent presenter and I absolutely agree that attitudes make all the difference! v  On scale from 1-10 in my ability to deal with stress, I would say I came in at a 3 and left a 10! v  Lisa is excellent – very clear and good at keeping group on task.  Her interaction with everyone broadened both understanding and learning.  Thank you! v  People were truly pleased with your presentation – I heard so many wonderful and positive comments! v  Presenter was very encouraging – excellent tools for reducing and preventing stress by changing your attitude! v  The exercises were extremely valuable and I will use my learnings to be more alert to positive thinking. v  I am much more aware of how my perceptions and negative thoughts influence my productivity. v  I have a new awareness of myself. v  It was like picking up a new map to find areas to explore - excellent workshop! v  Thank you - your spirit shines .. and helps me see the importance of feeling whole. v  The most helpful concept was not allowing my spirit to be left somewhere other than with me! v  Fulfilling, challenging - gave me the image of the whole me. v  A learning, growing experience - it opened new aspects of my life.