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Parent Corner

Love is at the root of everything.

To love someone is to strive to accept that person exactly the way he or she is,

right here and now.  

Fred Rogers

Messages with Love

Use Love-based Language

How we talk to young children is critical to their self-image and ability to learn.  The more a child has positive self-esteem, the greater his ability to succeed and behave in positive ways.  Because over 70% of the brain is developed before age five, the early years are imperative and, as parents or early care providers, the messages you give children have a huge impact. To be happy and motivated, a child’s brain needs to be wired with love, not fear.

Many of us were not raised with love-based language.  We may have had loving parents, but the words they used and the conclusions we drew from them might have caused an unconscious belief that we were not “good enough” or “okay.” Simple remarks like, “You should have” or “You’re not as smart as your brother” are subtle, but damaging to a child’s psyche. 

Messages with Love demonstrates how to use love based messages over fear based ones.  When your words or actions are guided by the voice of Fear, you give messages filled with negativity and angst, which causes stress for both you and the children in your life.  When your words and actions are guided by Love, you give messages filled with possibility and calm, creating ease and good feelings for all. 


Support a child’s:

  • Healthy sense of self

  • Healthy emotional management

  • Patience

  • Humility

  • Love of Nature

  • Generosity (sharing with ease!)


Your feelings are good to have.  

How do you feel right now?

It’s okay to be sad, mad, or scared.

All feelings are okay.  

Kindness/Loving Self & others
Give someone a hug.
Give yourself a hug.
Be kind to your self!
Love who you are. 
Stand up for others.

Be brave!
March through whatever the day brings!
You can do anything – you’re amazing.
Listen to your heart.
Move forward.
Use your imagination

Be green
Everything belongs and plays a part.
Give and you will receive.
Be kind to nature.

What else can you do to feel good?
It is disappointing to not get what we want.
Maybe something else wants to play with you!
Sharing: Let’s wait for others to be done.
Sometimes we don’t get our way.  We’ll be okay.

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Give your kids messages that nurture, empower and instill a strong sense of self.