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Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, inspirational speaker and spiritual healer and teacher. She is a former faculty member of the Adler Graduate School of Counseling and a long time student and teacher of Mindfulness Meditation.  Lisa has led this course and other workshops for over 20 years in churches, corporations, colleges, and health care organizations. 

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6 Session Online Course at your own pace! 

In this powerful, life changing 6 week course, you will create a deeper knowing of the Spirit's voice of LOVE and be able to override the negative inner critic and/or stressful voice in your head.  As a Course in Miracles says, we need to heal our fear-based perceptions in the ego mind so that the truth is revealed.  Only Love is the way to the peace we seek.

What makes this online course so unique?  

You may have tried positive affirmations, meditation or self help programs that give you change for awhile but then find yourself back in the old patterns.  Messages from Love instills a deeper inner knowing, a more solid way of growing your spiritual self so you can master the egoic mind and all it’s limiting and fear based beliefs.  You will receive guided meditations and exercises you can use for life that keep you focused and aware of the presence of Love.

Whether you want to create a deeper spiritual life or develop tools for dealing with life’s challenges, learning to give yourself messages based in LOVE will dramatically support your path.

Results you can Expect:

  • Access to break life long patterns that don't serve you.
  • A spiritual “vocabulary” transforming inner self-talk from "critical" to "loving"
  • Freedom from your ego and Fear based, negative thoughts
  • Ability to deeply connect to your authentic self and make wiser choices
  • Clarity on who you are and what you most desire for your life
  • Be more loving, relaxed and truly joyful.
  • Create a higher level of spiritual consciousness & ability to listen to your heart.

What you will Learn:

This e-book and online course in Spiritual Self Talk shows you how to operate from your heart and listen to the inner voice of Love.  By growing the voice of Love, you can actually cultivate new feelings of worthiness, trust and self-acceptance.  The self-talk you feed yourself is very powerful and creates the reality you live in.  Most often, you are governed by a mind that lives in fear and negativity, which is why you experience so many challenges.  But there is another option.  The Spirit in your heart lives in Love and possibility and offers you a whole new experience of life.   You can be FREE of fear and negativity and able to handle any challenge that life throws your way. 

Weekly Lessons: 
Week 1: 
Do you long for real love and a deeper connection to Spirit or God?  This week, you will learn to listen to what the Spirit of Love sounds like so that you can transform unpleasant feelings and feel good!  Not just a temporary “feel good,” but a deeper joy and peace that will uplift you into your most authentic, spiritual self.  You will experience the incredible power of Love’s force with a simple 6-step process for shifting emotions and negative, anxiety producing self-talk.

Week 2:  
You know that negative naysayer, the inner critic that is always judging?  In this first week, you will learn to discern between the “Judge” inside your mind and the “Observer” in your heart so that you can show up to others and yourself with greater ease, making wiser choices and actions that support your well being.   You also will find out what the voice of “Shame” does to your sense of self and learn to offer “Compassion” instead, a much more powerful way to motivate yourself and others.

Week 3:  
Do you find yourself needful of other people’s opinions or society’s ideas of what you should be doing?  This week, you will find “Inner Acceptance” and learn to release the need for “External Approval” so you can be who you want to be! You will also identify the "Shoulds" that stop you have following your heart's desire and shift to living in your truth!

Week 4: 
Have you ever blamed traffic or your boss for a "Bad Day?"  Do you long for others to change or certain situation to just turn around?  In this week's lesson, you will discover and harness your "creator" self and start visioning what you want instead of being a victim to what you don't want.   You will see "what's possible instead of all the limiting thoughts your ego feeds you.

Week 5:  
Do you ever feel like there is something wrong with you or punish yourself for not being perfect or good enough? A common mistaken belief is that we are “Unworthy” or undeserving.  In week 5, you will access the space deep inside where you feel “Worthy” so you can create the life you want, experience loving relationships and reduce feelings of discouragement.  And, you move beyond a state of "Lack' into a greater life filled with Abundance!

Week 6
: A focus on problems keeps you from seeing the higher blessing or "miracle" of an experience.  Maybe something better is trying to reach you if you got out of the way?  This week you will instill the "Gift" perspective as well as learn how to trust, let go and be in the flow.  Let Life bring you the essence of what you desire in whatever form and time that takes!

How it works:

·       6 Weekly Webinars delivered to your Inbox on Mondays  

·       Weekly Inspirational Emails to keep you focused on your spiritual practice

·       Access to Lisa via email with questions

·       “Messages from Love” E-workbook with exercises to actually listen to the inner spirit​

Listening to Love: 6 Step Process
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