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Resources for Caregivers

You are already a "Love Angel" if you care for someone who is suffering, dying or elderly. 

Love Angels  can support you by:

  • Training program on Self Care, & Compassion Fatigue for caregivers.
  • Love Angel t-shirts, mugs, totes, etc. 
  • Self Care Programs with Lisa Venable


Spread Love & Comfort

Volunteer with Love Angels!

If you want to give compassion to others in a new way where you simply "hold

space" vs. trying to "fix it", then this is your opportunity. 
Imagine a group of “angels” flocking about adding a light, loving presence to residents. People in these situations often need to be acknowledged for how they feel, which is the ultimate medicine of Love.  Simply “holding space” for someone’s emotions can make a huge impact even just for a few minutes.  The Commitment & Nature of the Visits: (wings not required!) 1-2 visits per month for an hour and fifteen minutes.  With other "Angels", you engage both in 1:1 visits and group visits in the lounge. You are asked to simply hold a hand, offer comfort if patient is emotional/anxious/stressed, visit as needed.  Sometimes the patients say nothing, and this is great, you just hold space with them.  Other times, they are very talkative and you connect!

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Be a Love Angel! 

Volunteer Opportunities &

Resources for Caregivers