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"Six months ago I was more controlling, irritated and judging of self and others. Now I feel more unshakable , more inner peace and acceptance." K.C.

"I’m feeling much better about myself as I do not have the same incessant, ruminating thoughts crowding out the good stuff! New messages are beginning to come from my heart.   A.N. 

"I've been in recovery for 10 years and I finally know what my Higher Power is - Love!"  W.S.

Dear Spiritual Seeker,

We all  have access to life’s most essential ingredient: Love.  For many though, gaining access to something so basic is incredibly challenging.   We are addicted to a fear-based reality, living from the ego mind that tells us we are inadequate and limited.  

When we turn on the faucet of Love, all that limits us dissolves.  Love is the voice of the Divine Presence/God within us. Love transforms all our judgments and false ideas, giving us a portal to real happiness.  The past is healed and we move towards a future of new possibility, creating lives that are deeply fulfilling and peaceful.

I base my programs of the concepts in "A Course in Miracles," where miracles are simply shifts in perception from fear to Love.  These quotes convey the some basic spiritual truths:

  • I have invented the world I see.
  • There is another way of looking at the world.
  • I could see peace instead of this.

I invite you to join me and make the journey from Fear to Love, from ego to Spirit and create an easier, happier life!

  • Shift your relationships!
  • Transfrom the inner critic.
  • Live authentically, being who you want to be!

Programs that Heal & Transform


with Lisa Venable​


  • Free Video Class:  Intro: How to Listen to Love


  • Online Course:  How to Listen to Love: The 6 Step Process
  • Self Care & Self Love Women's Groups - create a steady practice of self-love and care. 
  • Re-write your Life Story -  3 private sessions with Lisa to shift old beliefs and patterns you've been stuck in and create a powerful new story to live into.​


  Love is always talking.

     Are you LISTENING?

   * Show up to any challenge with ease & grace.

   * Love yourself without expectations or judgments.

   * Live a life where relationships transform & you manifest miracles!

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