The Love Campaign

​Be the love you want to see.  Radiate love and watch it touch every person and situation you encounter.  The greater purpose for conflict and fear is for us to practice love and come together in community.   ~ God for President





 The Love Campaign is a nationwide movement to make Love greater than fear. A focus on spreading love and acceptance brings us together and we can begin to create communities and government based in unity and cooperation. Through inspirational emails, Conversation Circles and a "Love your Mother" crusade, the Love Campaign is spreading joy to all those on board.


  • To shift our focus from Fear to LOVE.
  • To create connection via heart based conversations with those we differ from politically or otherwise.
  • To remember Love as the most powerful tool for healing & change.
  • To create heart centered leaders and invite unity among different ideologies and viewpoints.
  • To create community; moving from the "me" to the "we" society.
  • To inspire a greater love for the Earth.

 In these times, many spiritual traditions believe we have an opportunity to affect a dramatic shift in consciousness. We want changes, but as Gandhi proclaimed, we need to be the change. We may believe that love casts out fear, but we need to put that wisdom into deliberate practice if we truly want to create a peaceful, sustainable planet.  We need a movement to bring the powerful healing force of Love back to life; a campaign that promotes Love as the more effective option to fear.

"What the world needs now is LOVE, the only thing that can truly create peace and prosperity for all.  We can save our enemies, the earth and ourselves.  We can create a country that motivates people not through competition, but through cooperation, caring and compassion.  Love is the essence of the spiritual path and asks us to live consciously from the heart.  We talk about love, but do we truly know how to embody it?  If we are to genuinely address the critical issues that face us, we must turn to the most powerful source of healing available."  Excerpt from God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love

God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love (Conari Press) shares a message of hope through the trials Sarah Rose, a disillusioned American who one day wonders what God would do if president of the free world. God hears Rose’s call and, with the help of top angels, decides to shake up American politics. Out of nowhere, a mysterious, dazzling woman drops into Rose’s life and recruits her to help in a run for the Oval Office. Light and refreshing, God for President takes you on the political adventure of all time, the Love Campaign!

God for President offers a poignant reminder that listening to each other may get us farther along than shouting, that no one person or party may have the corner on “right” or “the American way” and that Love truly is a better way to run a country than fear.

Complete with a “how to” section on choosing love over fear and a reader’s discussion guide, God for President is a parable in the tradition of Jonathan Livingston Seagull or The Celestine Prophecy, and will leave readers contemplating the true nature of love.​

After five minutes watching national political coverage, I simply wish that God for President was non-fiction.  If you have been disheartened in your activism or disappointed in your political system, you must read this book.  Forget the speeches…this book is about the politics of change.   Mary Anne Radmacher, author of Lean Forward into Your Life


Sarah Rose is disillusioned both with American politics and the lack of divine intervention in the world’s demise.  After years of tireless activism on Capitol Hill, Rose becomes fed up and escapes to a less stressful life as a hairstylist in her hometown. Her best friend owns the Heavenly Hair salon, which has become the local hotspot for women to discuss civic and political issues of the day.

With a presidential election heating up, the women in the salon debate over the pros and cons of the candidates and Sarah becomes furious, declaring politics is nothing but a game and the American people are its losers.  As much as she would like to see politics change, Sarah deems it hopeless and begins to wonder what God would do as president of the free world.  Sarah exclaims, “Imagine it...people would think twice before they act.  Laws would be made with love.  The water would be clean again.  The fighting and wars would cease.   God would never allow these atrocities!”

That’s when strange things start happening. A mysterious woman shows up driving a shiny red convertible out of a carwash, completely dry, not a hair out of place. Eventually this dazzling woman drops into Sarah’s life and recruits her to help in a run for the Oval Office. Torn by her desire for a better world and her anger with U.S. politics, Sarah tries desperately to resist the woman’s magnetism and call to help her country in the name of love. 

P.S. The mysterious woman, whose name is Mary Love, is God, of course. And those pesky attendants in the, er, wings, they were told to stay in heaven. Some angels never learn!