Healing with Grace

We can make peace with pain, challenges and change when we learn to find grace with reality.  Identify self talk that creates suffering and stress and use Mindfulness practice to hold space for difficult moments.

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Classes, workshops & sessions

with Lisa Venable

Listening to Love - 6 Step Process

In this life changing 6 week online course & workbook, you will create a deeper knowing of the Spirit's voice of LOVE and be able to override the negative inner critic and/or stressful voice in your head.  

Re-Writing Your Story: Personal Transformation Sessions

Lisa offers 1:1 healing & transformation sessions to re-write your life story.  You can create the life you want from the place deep within that knows no fear or limitation. 

Self Care & Self Compassion

For Helping Professionals & Caregivers: Explore what blocks us from good self care practices. Learn to open the heart & stop the inner self critic.