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Messages with Love for Children

How we talk to young children is critical to their social & emotional development and ability to learn. To be happy and motivated, a child’s brain needs to be wired with love, not fear.

Listening Skills & Attention Span

Research shows that young children should have little or no access to screens for optimal brain development. Oral story-telling helps children develop greater listening and attention skills.  Fun sound effects and coloring pages help keep the child engaged and inspires more creative play.   

The more kids can imagine something, the more they can use the power of their minds to create experiences that feel good.   Utilizing their own creativity makes kids courageous, strong and more at ease with themselves.

Stories of Kindness 

Mr. Green Pony and his companions encounter magical adventures as they learn how to be kind to themselves and others, be brave in a sometimes, scary world and be green by loving nature. 

Encourage the Imagination!

Audio stories with few or no images allow children to picture an image in their minds in a way that comes naturally to them.  And, provides time away from screens!

Illustrations of Mr. Green Pony © Patricia Lamas

Coloring Pages & Early Learning

Early Learning Kits will encourage children to draw as they listen to the stories, retell the story with paper cut outs and puppets!

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