An Ego of Fear

Fear is the voice of ego, the human condition that manipulates you to believe all sorts of negative and limiting thoughts.  When you listen to Fear, life is miserable, stressful and you cannot receive your heart’s desire. You experience conflict and dissatisfying relationships.  You don’t feel good enough, loveable or worthy.

You can be sure the ego of Fear is talking whenever you experience feelings of shame, inadequacy or unworthiness and whenever you doubt, need to control or live in lack.  Simply put, Fear creates experiences that you dislike.  For instance, if you follow the fear of lack, unconsciously listening to a voice that says life can never bring you enough happiness, love or money, you will actually create a lack of those desires.  If you move through life making decisions from Fear’s crippling power, you will always struggle and feel stressed out. 

A Spirit of Love

The spirit is the highest form of our existence, empowering us to be all we can be.  The spirit lives in the heart and follows the voice of Love and truth. When you listen to Love, life is wonderful, easy and all your needs feel met.  You feel authentic.  You feel free.  Love is present when you feel accepted and worthy.  When you live in trust, abundance and flow, Love brings you all sorts of experiences that feel good.

If you listen to Love, you’ll operate your life accordingly.  You will jump to do something that calls you because you want to be true to yourself and how you do it does not matter.  When things do not seem to go your way, you trust a higher plan is at work and look for opportunities to learn and grow.  Love honors your passion, helping you grow into who you truly desire to be and whispers thoughts that make you feel at ease, comforted and at peace. 

Healing Hearts & Minds
I offer spiritual healing & therapy, spiritual direction, meditation instruction & inner transformation. You can create the life you want from the place deep within that knows no fear or limitation. Together, we heal the story from your past that keeps you from loving yourself & meeting your goals and re-write the life story you want now.

About Lisa:  

Lisa Venable, M.A. is an author, spiritual teacher and psychotherapist  in Minneapolis, MN..  She is a faculty member of the Adler Graduate School of Counseling  and an instructor at Pathways Health Resource Center. 

Lisa has led workshops and keynotes for over 20 years in churches, corporations, community colleges, and health care organizations both in the US and abroad.  Lisa is the author of "God for President: A Parable about the Power of Love" and "Messages from Love: A Course in Spiritual Self-Talk."

Lisa’s mission is to help people

live from their heart instead of their limiting ego and create a world where Love prevails. See her spiritual novel, "God for President" for inspiration during election times! 
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Re-write Your Inner Story!  Sessions with Lisa
How you show up to life determines what life gives you.

Are you ready to show up differently?

  • Do you live with peace in your heart? 
  • Do you experience relationships, work or health in a way that feels good?
  • Do feel like you’re repeating patterns/behaviors that don’t serve you?

    ​​Lisa can help you create an easier, simple life experience by re-writing your inner story.
    You'll recognize and transform limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in old patterns of communication, self criticism and doubt. You can change your life by changing your inner story from the ego's perspective to the one of your Spirit.

Why Love?

It has been said that we are actually “spiritual beings on a human experience.” This means that while our surface nature is ego, our deeper nature is spirit, thus we embody two selves to know and explore as we walk the earth. The ego lives in the head and follows an inner voice of Fear.  When you listen to Fear’s voice, life is miserable, stressful and you never get what you want.  You experience conflict and dissatisfying relationships.  You are not authentic.  You are not free.

The Spirit lives in the heart and follows the inner voice of Love.  Love is the essence of God and speaks only Truth.  When you listen to Love, life is wonderful, easy and all your needs feel met.  You feel authentic.  You feel free.  Love is present when you feel accepted and worthy.  When you live in trust, abundance and flow.  Love brings about all sorts of experiences that you like.

Depending on which inner voice you follow, you will create feelings (positive or negative) that determine your daily experience. You can choose to listen to loving voices or painful ones.  If an inner voice hurts, creates anxiety, frustration or simply does not feel good, you are listening to fear.  When you listen to Love, you feel good.  

What the Fear voice says to you is garbage and a pack of lies, yet it runs your life.  Will you stop it?  Will you listen to something moredivine?  What Love says to you is truth and beauty, yet it is not the voice you most tune into.  Will you start?

Your Guide

Learn to Live from Your Spirit!

6 session online course! Exercises and Meditations

to grow the Love inside you!


​​​​Messages from Love  will inspire you to listen and act from the energy of Love. Love’s non-judging presence will enable you to honor yourself, your enemies, the earth and life itself. Simply making the intention to listen and/or act from Love will manifest miracles in your life.

By committing to an ongoing practice, you will support an energy surge of peace throughout the world. A mass of people practicing love can change humanity and heal a planet out of balance.  When you walk in love, the vibration inside you will shift and you will FEEL GOOD! When you feel good, you attract wonderful experiences. You can pay it forward so that others feel good and can truly know the meaning of peace.

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