Let’s Spread Light instead of Fear

Meditations toRaise the Love Vibration for our country, our world and the earth.

Join Lisa and other LIGHTWORKERS as we create a powerful INTENTION for healing, peace and love for our country, and our planet!  The power of group intention and prayer can shift anything.  And, it's a better way to use your mind (vs. complaining, fear or negativity)!

Listen to the below "Raise the Love" meditations at the same time every week and stay connected during these times.  (You can listen anytime, too!)

Send Love & Light on Monday nights

8-8:30 p.m. CT

Let us see what Love can do!

  • Raise the Love 120:42

Raise the

Love Vibration!


As I struggle with the major events in our country/world these last few weeks (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, racial division, disrespect, talk of war, violence), I find myself overwhelmed.  Can anyone relate!?  These are challenging times and we need each other.  It’s time for healing, time for reconciliation, time for love.

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Shift the Negativity Now!


  Love is always talking.

     Are you LISTENING?

   * Show up to any challenge with ease & grace.

   * Love yourself without expectations or judgments.

   * Live a life where relationships transform & you manifest miracles!

  • Raise the Love 219:17
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  • Free Video Class:  Intro: How to Listen to Love


  • Online Course:  How to Listen to Love: The 6 Step Process
  • Self Care & Self Love Women's Groups - create a steady practice of self-love and care. 
  • Re-write your Life Story -  3 private sessions with Lisa to shift old beliefs and patterns you've been stuck in and create a powerful new story to live into.​